Now users will be able to add, edit, and view tasks on the mobile app of Google Calendar. This update comes for both Android and iOS devices. This will make it easier to manage upcoming events and important dates all on the same platform. Earlier, this feature was present only on the web version of Calendar. According to a Google blog, now the tasks will get automatically synced across desktop and mobile. Using the feature is simple as users need to click on the create or + button present in the bottom right corner of the Google Calendar app and select ‘Task’ from the pop-up menu.

The other options on the menu will be ‘Goal,’ ‘Reminder,’ and ‘Event.’ It is a given that creating a task will be similar to creating a reminder or an event.

Users with Android and iOS devices will be able to write any task on a certain date and select the correct time frame. They can add relevant information to tasks like choosing a separate block of time for a certain event. They can also add a note that contains the necessary details and choose whether or not to have the task repeat on specific days or times on their Calendar.

The blog specifies that there will be no admin control for this feature, and the update will reach users slowly as the feature is part of a gradual rollout for both Android and iOS. It might take up to two weeks from the start of the rollout on 2 October for every user to receive the update.

It is not an exclusive update, as Google mentions that it will be available to all G Suite customers and any user who has their personal Google Accounts. Google has also created a dedicated support page for tasks where users can find answers to their queries.

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