Facebook turned 15 on Monday and amid the scrutiny and data breach that send ripple waves in the digital space, co-founder Mark Zuckerberg still feels defensive about its company’s ‘public image.’ While Facebook since the Cambridge Analytica disaster has been announcing measures to tackle the misuse of its platform, in an unprecedented move the company’s CEO now seem to have shared its ‘executive power’ of removing sent messages in the Messenger app.

Facebook in its MessengerNews blog post announced that it is rolling out a feature that will let users delete messages from a conversation after they have sent them. The new “unsend” option is currently being released on the Messenger app on both Android and iOS platform. The feature, which might save you from regrets of sending any unwanted words, to one whom you didn’t intend to. It appears similar to the ‘Delete for Everyone’ found on WhatsApp.

With this new feature, users on Messengers app will be able to delete select messages easily, but the only caveat is the time limit. The “Remove for Everyone” feature has a restriction to a ten-minutes window which means you will have to delete it within the stipulated time. Notably, this new feature provides two options- Remove for Everyone and Remove for You.

In case you are wondering how to use this feature, here’s how it works (as explained by Facebook)- Open the Facebook Messenger app on your phone or desktop. Select the conversation with messages that you would like to delete. Press and hold on the message and you will see a ‘Remove’ button at the bottom of the screen. Once pressed it will pop up- Remove for Everyone and Remove and for You options. Select the first one and your message will disappear from the inbox of the recipient that you have sent.

Notably, the feature comes about a year after the controversy clobbered that Mark Zuckerberg had ‘infamously’ deleted his own messages sent in the Messenger app. Following its exposure, people called out Facebook for providing ‘preferential treatment’ to higher-ups and the company on the same day announced that would build an ‘unsend feature’ for all users within next few months, as per The Vergereport. While the feature took nearly ten months for its final disposal, Facebook told The Verge that the unsend option is based on Mark’s power, but it had gone through some improvements to provide broader functionality.

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