Gmail celebrates its 15th anniversary today and as a celebratory gesture, Google is officially introducing a bunch of new features, aimed at improving the user experience.

Earlier this year, the Material Design user interface was added to the Gmail app on mobile and more recently, dynamic email was also rolled out to the Gmail web clients to accommodate interactive emails.

Well now, Gmail is finally receiving a native email scheduling option that will allow users to compose a message and send it at a convenient time. For example, say you need to write a company email late at night but would rather have it sent to your colleague during office hours, the schedule option would be perfect.

As per a blog post highlighting the new feature, accessing this new ‘schedule’ option is quite straightforward. Simply start composing an email and you’ll see an arrow beside the Send button in the draft window.

Clicking on the arrow will reveal the “Schedule send” option and you’ll be provided with a few preset schedules for delivering the message to the recipient. Additionally, you can manually set the time for when you plan to have the email sent. There’s also an option to undo the schedule.

‘Smart Compose’ a feature that Pixel 3 and desktop users may be familiar with, will also be rolled out for all devices soon. For the uninitiated, ‘Smart Compose’ essentially feeds you word suggestions as you compose your message using context-aware methods.

As per G Suite Director of Product Management, Jacob Bank, the ‘Smart Compose’ feature is also likely to arrive on the iOS version of Gmail very soon. Google has also made minor improvements to the feature, like being able to adapt to a user’s style of composition and the ability to automatically suggest subject lines.

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