Now post your old photographs and videos on Instagram as Stories

#lategram has finally become a reality as user gain the ability to post their old photographs or videos as Instagram Stories. The 24-hour limit has been removed!

Instagram in its blog post has said that Instagrammers would be able to add their older photographs or videos in Instagram Stories just like any other Instagram Stories post.

Images so selected can feature custom stickers that give context to the date and time they were taken. As with regular stickers, these can be repositioned and resized as needed.

This update is available on Instagram version 22 for iOS and version 18 for Android.

Meanwhile, Instagram was down for more than four hours in US, Europe and some parts of India. Many users have complained about the outage on Twitter. According to a report, people were not able to log in, refresh or post their content on Instagram. A few weeks ago, even WhatsApp had suffered an outage for sometime.

In other news, Instagram has got new updates which include blocking people from the comments section. This is divided into four categories, “People you follow”, “Everyone”, “People you follow and who follow you” and “People who follow you”. The user has the option to delete the comment they do not like.

Another update introduced a polling section, where the user can give two options for a poll on Instagram Stories.  Thereby people can poll by pressing the option.

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