To make Google Maps more useful, Google has now added the ability to report accidents and speed traps, a feature that was first seen on Waze, a navigation app that’s quite popular in the US.

However, Google is not stopping at just that. Going forward, people will be able to report more number of incidents on the roads on Google Maps. A report in 9to5Google states that incident reporting on Google Maps has now been updated and it enables users to include traffic slowdowns.

Earlier, users could report crashes, police checkpoints, and speed cameras. However, there was no way for users to manually input an update indicating a traffic jam for others.

To make it easier for users to report incidents that cause a delay, including accidents, Google has added a new dedicated ‘Add a report’ button on its Maps app.

In order to access the function, all you need to do is press the upward arrow from the bottom of the screen of your device. Another way of accessing it will be by pressing on the report button directly from the navigation on the app, which is placed right next to the audio and magnifying glass buttons.

This can be done while still getting directions from Google, so users would not even have to exit navigation in order to report a happening.

The feature will begin rolling out this week itself. But as of now, there is no word about whether the feature would be an Android exclusive or it will be available for those using iOS devices as well.

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