Live broadcasts on Twitter-owned Periscope have always been very one-sided. To switch things up a little Periscope has introduced a new feature that allows streamers to add guests to contribute to a broadcast.

The host of a broadcast can now go ahead add up to three users to the join the stream. An “allow guests” option has been thrown into the interface which needs to be selected before going live with the broadcast. Once the option is selected, users can go ahead and invite guest broadcasters to join in on the stream.

However, the guests can be part of the stream in audio form only and not video. Similar to a guest on a phone call within a news show.

Selected guests that approve the invitation get a countdown before being added to the stream. Periscope in a post on Medium also says that guests can leave the broadcast at any time they wish to. Once a guest drops out of the broadcast, new ones can be added.

Periscope says the update is similar to a talk show, opening up more opportunities to host conversations on the live streaming platform. The update also allows formats such as debates, interviews and even fan interactions without the need of having an individual being physically present near you.

Parent company Twitter mentions that the feature will eventually roll out to live options inside the Twitter app as well.

With the Twitter app having its own live streaming tools, users have very little reason to download Periscope. With the new feature, Twitter will be hoping there will be more takers for Periscope in the near future.

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