Now Charge Your Smartphone Without Wires Or Stand, Here Is How

Xiaomi unveils its new charging technology called the Mi Air Charge. This new technology allows users to charge devices wirelessly without any stands or cables. The new Mi Air Charge technology can charge multiple devices at a time. The Mi Air Charge is self-deployed by the company via air-space charging technology. The new Mi Air Charge technology comes with a built-in 5-phase interface antenna that accurately detects the devices’ position to charge them.

Xiaomi Global tweeted about this breakthrough technology, mentioning how the device can charge multiple devices simultaneously, even while users were walking around or playing games, with no strings attached. According to the company, this new wireless charging technology can charge devices at a speed of 5W, even in the presence of physical obstacles that don’t reduce charging efficiency. A phase control array comprises 144 antennas, which emits millimeter waves through beam-forming, creating electric energy via a rectifier circuit.

The company has also developed a miniaturized antenna array on the smartphone side, with a built-in “beacon antenna” that broadcasts position information with low power consumption, along with a “receiving antenna array” wherein the 14 antennas convert the millimeter-wave signal emitted by the charging pile into electric energy through the rectifier circuit, offering a sci-fi charging experience.

According to the company, Xiaomi’s self-developed space isolation charging technology in the future will work with all kinds of wearable devices, including smartwatches and bracelets.

Many products will soon be built upon a wireless power supply design that will be free from wires and cables, offering a truly wireless experience.

Nothing much is known about the release date. It is not even clear if it would make its way to the consumer market, but what’s for sure is that this fancy piece of technology will be costly.

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