A simple Google search of a movie and the search giant feeds you all the information you could possibly need about the movie. This includes the nearest movie hall you can watch it in, show timing and much more.

Well, Google’s just made booking movie tickets all the more simpler.

Google has partnered with a number of movie booking platforms including BookMyShow, Paytm and INOX to let you book movie tickets from within search.

As per a report by Inc42, the feature isn’t limited to search within Android and iOS phones, but also available via the Google Assistant.

If you feel booking movie tickets via platforms like BookMyShow or Paytm is a tad too cumbersome, or if you just don’t feel like downloading a separate app to book movie tickets, this new feature has you covered. To book movie tickets, simply search for ‘movies’ on Google which will allow the search giant to pop up cards of all the movies running in and around your location, along with details of where you can watch them and when.

You can select your movie of choice from these cards or also choose to filter the results to narrow your search down to the right cinema hall and the time. Depending on which show you pick, you will be redirected to a booking page within Paytm, BookMyShow or INOX to complete the purchase.

Interestingly, the feature doesn’t list PVR Cinemas among its partners just yet.

The other limitation of this feature is that you can’t choose which platform you want to book your ticket through. Google automatically chooses this for you. We hope Google changes this in the near future but for now, the feature does make things quite convenient.

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