You only need Rs. 2,56,07,60,000 to go to space for your next trip

The saying, “you can never have enough money” couldn’t be truer.

Russian space corporation, Roscosmos’ (yes, that’s a real name) is planning to offer a five star (pun intended) orbital journey to anyone who is willing to pay $40 million which amounts to about Rs. 2,56,07,60,000 at the time of writing (not sure what it is in bitcoins, neither does Mr. Bachchan). The space adventure will include a one to two week stay accompanied by a professional astronaut. Travelers can also go on a space walk by paying an additional ‘small charge’ of about $20 million which is roughly Rs. 1,28,03,80,000.

The tourists will get Wi-Fi, exercise equipments, and personal hygiene facilities in the space. The duration of the trip can be expanded up to one month by paying $20 million extra, it will bring the price to $60 million, a cool Rs 3,84,11,40,000 at the time of writing.

According to a report by Popular Mechanics, the space module constructed by RKK Energia, will weight 20 ton and will be 15.5 meter long. It will provide a 92 cubic meter of pressurised space which will accommodate four sleeping quarters sized around two cubic meters each. The space module will have a 16-inch window in the lounge and a porthhole of 9-inch in the private rooms. The module will also come with medical and hygiene stations.

RKK Energia will spend up to $279-$446 millions on constructing the module. The company is planning to earn $4 million to start the project and is expected to take a pre-booking charge from prospective travellers. To start the construction of the module at least 12 passengers are need to sign for the trip and at least 6 passengers should be willing to stay for a week or two in one year.

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