NBA has upgraded its AR app with a new 360 Portals feature

NBA, on 1 June has updated its AR app, to include a new ‘360 portals’ feature that adds some interesting capabilities to the app.

The new update allows you to go court-side in AR through your smartphone screen, by walking through a ‘portal’ created wherever you are.The app has been available on iOS since October last year but is now available on Android too.

NBA has taken advantage of an opportunity, as it looks like the perfect time to release a new app related to basketball. Today the Golden State Warriors will host the Cleveland Cavaliers in game one of the NBA Finals in Oakland.

The concept of the app is pretty interesting, with both game and interactive experiences. You walk through a magical door and then indulge yourself in a 360-degree video of the basketball players.

Another mode within the app is Pop-a-shot, providing a free-throw recreation, wherein you can place a ring in your home using AR.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a basketball fan or not, the app is worth giving a shot and it is available for free.

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