Mozilla’s just launched Firefox Lockbox, the company’s free password manager for Android users.

Meant to be used alongside the Firefox browser, the manager offers a simple way for users to access passwords and login details which are already saved on the Firefox browser.

In other words, all the passwords that you have ever opted to save on your Firefox account across different devices will now be available in Lockbox for easier access. The app has been available for iOS users for a year now and has finally been brought down to Android now.

There are a few things to complain about the Firefox Lockdown app though. The first is that it’s too basic. The app does not let you generate secure passwords as most other password managers do. The other major drawback is that the app only lets you sync your Firefox account. What this means is that you cannot use the app to manually store passwords, something a number of third-party password managers offer by default.

If you are an avid user of the Firefox browser, then Firefox Lockbox does make sense. It offers secure authentication using both the fingerprint scanner and face unlock.

Just like Google Chrome’s built-in password prompter, Lockbox also prompts you to use the autofill option whenever necessary.

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