Mozilla undergoes new identity with new logo and new designs

Mozilla just refreshed the brand, with a new identity, new logo and new designs. This is a culmination of a year long process, where the public was invited to decide on the branding, in a company known for its openness. The “protocol concept” has been chosen for the new brand identity, which was based around the theme, “With You From The Start.”

Interested readers can check out some of the other concepts for the branding, from our earlier story on Mozilla inviting votes from the public on choosing a new brand identity.

The clever part about the protocol concept is that the language of the internet itself is incorporated into the identity. The new logo can be typed out on a keyboard, as moz://a, unlike the other logo options. The logo uses the Zilla font, created by Typotheque, a type foundry based out of Hague in the Netherlands. The Zilla font will be made free and open to all. The branding language incorporates memes and cats.

The typeface bucks the current trend of using sans seriff fonts on the web, and is reminiscent of Courier, a font used for coding purposes in the early days of computing. The black box around the type is a reference to the way text strings are selected or highlighted in computer interfaces.

Mozilla is inviting artists, developers, designers and technologists to collaborate on an imagery collective, that will be flowed into the Mozilla homepage. This will allow the brand to evolve along with the internet.

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