Microsoft has finally started rolling out history and tab sync for its Edge Browser. According to a Verge report, some Microsoft Edge users will now see the full web history and tab sync features being available in their browsers. While the rollout is gradual, users can check whether the features are available by going to settings, followed by profiles, sync, and enabling ‘history’ and ‘open tabs’ in the options. According to the report, the UK is one of the first markets to see the history and tab sync features initially.

The features will allow Edge users to sync all web pages they have visited with additional Windows 10 or macOS devices, or even to mobile versions of Edge for iOS and Android.

According to the official Microsoft Edge page, users with multiple profiles often complain that they often end up opening sites in the wrong profile. They have also included a new update where if users have multiple profiles, they can right-click on a tab and move the site to any of their other profiles. This feature is available from work, personal, and non-signed in profiles in Microsoft Edge version 89.0.723.0 and above after heading to edge://flags and enabling the #edge-move-tabs-to-profile-window flag.

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