Microsoft announces new privacy control features

With Windows Fall Creators Update nearing its 17 October release, Microsoft seems to have tinkered and included more changes in the privacy controls than it had done in the Windows 10 Creators Update in April. According to Microsoft, these new updates will further increase the user’s access to information and more control over the collected information.

Currently, Windows Store Applications require permissions to access privacy sensitive device capabilities such as the camera, microphone, location, calendar, and more. Except for location access, all these permissions have been granted unconditionally. However, with the new Creators Update the developers have made it mandatory for all new apps installed from the Windows Store to explicitly ask permissions with an on-screen  permissions prompt, before getting access for all of the privacy sensitive capabilities. The update when installed will allow all the pre-installed apps to retain the permissions but newly installed apps will need to get their access enabled.

Microsoft is also giving direct access to the entire privacy statement in the setup process. Add to this the ‘Learn More’ page during the privacy setup that gives a easy access if you want to read about any specific feature in the privacy statement.

In addition to the above, Microsoft is also providing a setting to limit the diagnostic data to a bare minimum required for Windows Analytics. Microsoft’s Windows Analytics is a way for Enterprise admins to monitor computers running Windows 10 in the organization and reduce IT costs. It also helps admins in inventory tracking and assess if systems are ready for updates.

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