Today, MG Motor India launched the revised hector SUV, giving it a facelift and a few changes to enhance its overall appeal. The Hector made its debut in India in September 2019, making it the first offering from MG Motor India. Over the last year and few months, the Hector has been well received in turn, establishing MG Motors’ credentials in India and goading them to expand further by introducing several more products, one of them being the ZS EV, an electric SUV. Prices for the 2021 MG Hector start from Rs 12.89 lakh, going up to Rs 18.32 lakh, ex-showroom. MG also announced pricing for the Hector Plus 7-seater variant, starting from Rs 13.34 lakh and topping at the same Rs 18.32 lakh mark, all prices ex-showroom.

This new version of the Hector gets largely cosmetic updates, with a significant change to the front end and minor tweaks to the side profile and rear. The grill gets a new pin-cushion style treatment with chromed pin heads adding a very upmarket feel to the Hector. If you recollect the pre-facelift Hector had a completely blacked-out grille with the MG logo sitting in the centre, that entire visual is much nicer to look at now with the chrome catching bursts of light and reflecting it in waves thanks to the chromed pin-cushion effect.

Apart from the grille, nothing else changes at the front, and everything else stays the same. However, you will notice the two-tone exterior body colour with the blacked-out roof, which further adds a large dollop of ‘cool’ to the equation. The Hector is an attractive SUV and catches attention, and now with the blacked-out roof flowing all the way down to all three pillars, it’s sexier than ever before. It now also sits on 18-inch wheels as standard fitment, filling the wheel wells a bit more than before, but MG could have really taken this up to think a 20-inch configuration with beefier looking alloy wheels. The thick reflector strip running between the tail lamps has been replaced with a black applique with a slimmer chrome strip running through the applique on the rear tailgate. Definitely makes the tailgate look smarter than before.

Step inside the cabin, and you immediately notice the two-tone upholstery, especially since it has this ivory, slightly creamy colour scheme which in my opinion, is absolutely horrendous given our conditions. It would take little to no time for that upholstery to pick up stains and match the cabin’s blacked-out parts. When new it looks absolutely divine, but our driving conditions are dusty, grimy and filthy of all sorts and the almost white interiors will pick this up very quickly. Another welcome addition is the front ventilated seats.

The best chance is with the connected technology and the voice command system, which now incorporates Hinglish commands! So yes, you can combine both Hindi and English words to give the Hector a series of commands. For instance, you can ask it to change radio stations, open the sunroof, adjust the interior climate and lots more by giving it Hindi commands. This is the first time someone has taken voice commands to this level in India, and I believe it’s a trendsetter, and I expect several other manufacturers will follow suit.

Other notable features are a 10.4-inch touchscreen system with SIM-based internet connectivity, LED lighting, cruise control, an eight-speaker entertainment Infinity audio system, TPMS, push-button for Start/Stop, six-way electrically adjustable driver’s seat panoramic sunroof, rain-sensing wipers, auto headlights, ambient lights, and a 360-degree camera.

Mechanically the Hector stays the same without any revisions to the powertrain or suspension. There is one petrol engine available on the Hector, a 1.5 litre turbocharged unit with 143PS and 250Nm while a 48V mild-hybrid system can be had as well. The diesel engine is the 2.0-litre FCA Multijet unit as seen on the Jeep Compass and Tata Harrier. The Hector Plus gets it in the 173PS and 350Nm guise. Gearbox options are a six-speed manual and DCT (petrol only).

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