A majority of respondents in a survey said they will not use Whatsapp payment features and may discontinue business chat if the app shares information with Facebook and third parties, according to a survey. The survey – conducted around Whatsapp’s new proposed policy across the country, covering over 17,000 respondents – found that five percent of users have deleted the app. In contrast, 22 percent claimed to have reduced using the mobile messaging platform.

“Whatsapp and Facebook must reconsider this feedback and make changes to their policy if they are serious about Whatsapp Pay becoming a key player in the UPI payments space in India. Currently, Google Pay, Phone Pe, and Paytm have a majority of the market share in this segment,” the survey by online platform Localcirlces said.

Early this month, WhatsApp informed users of an update in its terms of service and privacy policy regarding how it processes user data and partners with Facebook to offer integrations across the social media giant”s products.

However, the mobile messaging app has deferred May’s update after it received flak over its new privacy policy and service terms. It also stated that users would have to agree to the new terms and policy by 8 February 2021 to continue using WhatsApp.

Around 92 percent of the survey respondents said they would not use Whatsapp payment features if the app shares information with Facebook and third parties.

Around 79 percent of respondents said they are not likely to use Whatsapp Business Accounts if the instant messaging app decides to implement the policy in May.

The survey found that while 55 percent of citizens have downloaded alternative apps, 21 percent are actively using them.

“Many users may have already had the Signal and Telegram apps on their phones before the new Whatsapp policy changes were proposed,” the report said.

In another survey by market research and analysis firm BM Nxt, 82 percent of users expressed displeasure over the new policy of Whatsapp, and 72 percent of respondents said they were open to switching to other messaging platforms.

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