Madras HC directs centre to ban TikTok, says it spoils children’s mindset

The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court has passed an interim order directed to the Center that prohibits the use of the TikTok app. The court has also prohibited the media from telecasting videos made from the mobile app.

A report by Bar & Bench also reveals that, according to the order, the government has to answer “whether the Union of India will enact a statute, like the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, enacted by the United States, to prevent the children becoming cyber/online victims”

This order follows a petition in the court that sought a ban on the mobile app owing to the alleged ‘inappropriate content’ including pornography, that it carries, which is available for access to children. The petitioner said children who used the app would become vulnerable and exposed to sexual predators.

“Majority of the teens are playing pranks, gaffing around with duet videos sharing with split screen to the strangers. The children who use the said application are vulnerable and may expose them to sexual predators …. Without understanding the dangers involved in these kinds of Mobile Apps., it is unfortunate that our children are testing with these Apps,” the court said according to a report by Bar & Bench.

Owing to such concerns, the app has also been banned in certain foreign countries such as Indonesia and Bangladesh, notes the order.

“The government has a social responsibility to prevent these kinds of applications and also take action against the persons who are making use of it,” The Scroll reports the court as saying. The matter will next be heard on 16 April.

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