Gaming hardware company Mad Catz Global Limited has announced a new gaming mouse called the RAT DWS gaming mouse. The Mad Catz RAT series’s wireless device is equipped with a hyper-responsive 2ms Dakota mechanical switch and diversified accessories, and a 16K high-end sensor. According to a company statement, the device can achieve ultimate performance, tracking ability, and longevity. The company further states that RAT DWS is one of the most customizable wireless gaming mice in the market. The additional modular accessories make it easier for players to maneuver during games.

The mouse has an adjustable palm rest, and swappable pinkie rests can fit into all hand sizes and every grip style possible. According to the company, the multiple pinkies rests facilitate grip friction and prevent players from having long hours of uncomfortable gaming experience.

With the Mad Catz software, the company states that players can set up various advanced hotkeys and macros on each of the 14 buttons onto 4 on-board profiles by which every magic spell or melee skill can be mastered in the fight.

The company has also revealed that since RAT DWS is the first wireless mouse to feature the Dakota mechanical switch, it adopts a new signal detection technology. This tech enables an instant response to be made by any of the two contact points. As per the company, the tech accelerates switch response time to only 2 milliseconds.

The RAT DWS is also fitted with dual-mode wireless – 2.4GHz and Bluetooth 5.0 connections. The 2.4GHz wireless mode allows players to access a rapid 1ms response. On the other hand, the low-latency Bluetooth mode can sustain up to 300 hours with only an AA battery.

The Mad Catz RAT DWS will be available from early February 2021.

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