Logitech just announced the launch of a new keyboard case that’s designed for the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models.

Named, Slim Folio Pro, the new accessory is a folio-style case for the iPad Pro with a built-in backlit keyboard that’s an alternative to the Smart Keyboard offered by Apple. What makes Logitech’s offering more compelling is the fact that it’s priced significantly lower than Apple’s covers.

The Slim Folio Pro for the 11-inch iPad Pro has been priced at $120, while the Slim Folio Pro for the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro will set you back by $130. The cases will be available soon on the Logitech website.

Logitech’s folio case connects to the new iPad Pro models using a Bluetooth connection rather than through the Smart Connector, but that doesn’t hurt your productivity in any way, the company claims. In fact, Logitech says that the battery lasts for up to three months on a single charge (courtesy of Bluetooth Low Energy) so you shouldn’t need to charge it often.

There are several configurations you can use with the Slim Folio Pro for purposes like typing and drawing. Positioning the iPad upright within the case allows you to type on the keyboard, which Logitech says features “the perfect bounce” for fast and accurate typing.

However, unlike Apple’s folio case, the Slim Folio Pro can snap to only one position while typing. So if you’re on an economy airline seat, you’ll still be super uncomfortable trying to type something on the iPad Pro.

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