Liftware Level: An electronic spoon that makes eating food easier for people with disability

Liftware, a company, known to design an electronic spoon for people with disability. The first product was called ‘Steady’ and the company was acquired by Google after the first product launch. The company has announced the imminent launch of the second product which improves on the concept introduced in ‘Steady’. The new product called ‘Level’ is termed as ‘electronic eating utensil’ despite being an electronic spoon.

The concept would sound wacky if people don’t know the context but it is extremely well thought and designed. According to the company, the product aims to help people with Huntington’s disease and works almost like DJI Osmo, helping the users keep the spoon stable regardless the orientation of the hand. The spoon bends from its neck and working on a rechargeable battery to make the stability possible.

‘Level’ comes along with a hand strap which can be worn by users, so they don’t drop the spoon accidentally. You can use interchangeable attachment heads to turn the spoon into a fork as reported by Circuit Breaker. The battery of the ‘Level’ works for about one hour of continuous usage without the need of charging. It can be charged using the included charging adapter.

One hour of continuous usage is estimated to be approximately three meals according to the company. ‘Level’ is available for preorder for $195 for the Starter Kit along with separate Fork and Spoon attachment for $34.95 each on the Liftware website. Deliveries will start from 23 December at the latest.

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