LG has launched a new display, the OLED 48CX TV, as part of its OLED television range. The product has been marketed for both gaming enthusiasts and people looking for an immersive cinema experience. LG has also brought the OLED technology to the smallest TV yet, with the display being 48 inches wide or 121.92 cm. The firm claims that this TV will produce sharper images than larger sets with eight million pixels. It is priced at Rs 1,99,990 in India.

Powered by NVIDIA G-SYNC, the OLED 48CX offers highly responsive gaming with no lags and stuttering, said a press release. The HGiG profile made using self-lit pixels helps give users the best possible experience for HDR gaming.

It packs the Alpha 9 Gen 3 processor and comes with AI Acoustic Tuning. This has been included, keeping in mind all the latest gaming enhancement features such as the higher frame rate, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), and Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC). The TV also comes with HDMI 2.1 connectivity.

The new LG TV will feature a Sports Alert feature that will give real-time alerts to users on their favourite sports news and game updates as per the company release. The individual self-lit pixels that make up for the frame of the OLED 48CX TV are suitable for a high-quality cinema experience as well. Apart from the rich color and contrast, the display will also offer a superior view from wide viewing angles.

The device has been touted to give a minimum amount of display latency, motion blur, and ghosting for smoothing viewing. It also offers a fast response time at 1 ms and zero interference. There is a new filmmaker mode that will adjust the TV’s settings automatically to show a certain movie in the way the filmmaker intended it to be seen.

The TV also packs Dolby Vision IQ and Atmos that will enhance the overall experience by optimizing Dolby Vision content on the user’s TV according to the room’s brightness.

The display comes with support for Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple AirPlay 2, and HomeKit. It can be easily connected with a Bluetooth headset or Sound Bar wirelessly.

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