Lenovo has launched ThinkStation P620, a new generation workstation desktop computer in India. The device is designed for heavy-duty work and is powered by AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro processors up to 4.0 GHz, helping deliver heavy-duty work. Lenovo, in a release, said that ThinkStation P620 offers a dual-CPU experience in a single-processor system. The company claims that with a fully customized and scalable chassis, the latest machine has reimagined the traditional workstation. It has been fine-tuned for those requiring more power for present time multi-threaded applications.

The Lenovo ThinkStation P620 include Nvidia Quadro RTX 8,000 or four RTX 4,000 graphics cards, have up to 20 TB storage and memory that is expandable up to 1 TB.

Lenovo says that ThinkStation P620 comes with faster memory, quicker storage transfer speeds, and 10 GB of built-in Ethernet. It has been designed to be the most versatile workstation in the market.

Along with AMD, Lenovo has created a customized heat sink that uses a unique air-cooled solution to manage the increased thermal requirements arising due to the processor’s advanced design.

Lenovo said that the ThinkStation P620 had undergone rigorous standards and testing. The workstation has support for ThinkStation Diagnostics 2.0 for real-time alerts and Lenovo ThinkShield customizable security platform. It also supports AMD Secure Processor for data and application integrity.

The AMD Memory Guard enables full memory encryption to shield it against advanced physical attacks. The ThinkStation P620 weighs 24 kgs.

Lenovo ThinkStation P620 will be available at a starting price of Rs 3,99,000 and purchased from lenovo.com. The company is providing a 3-year standard after-sale warranty and an upgradable warranty for up to 5 years.

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