Reliance Jio launched a new digital literacy program in India called ‘Digital Udaan’. It’s objective is to educate first-time internet users about digital literacy and help them in understanding the internet.

Under the Digital Udaan initiative, there will be a session every Saturday by Jio to teach users about JioPhone features. It will also cover tutorials on how to use various apps including internet safety tips of using Facebook on the JioPhone. All of the training will be carried out in an audio-visual format in 10 different regional languages. Jio and Facebook collaborated in this initiative. The social media giant ensured that the training modules were relevant for the people in the corresponding cities and localities.

The Digital Udaan initiative will be launched in almost 200 different locations across the country in 13 states. Jio has over 300 million users where many of them are first-time internet users. The company expects the initiative to reach about 7,000 locations.

Jio feels that Digital Udaan will empower users with access to governmental benefits, essential services, entertainment and most importantly, a world full of knowledge. The initiative is touted to be the largest digital literacy program ever.

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