Japan showcases a flexible LCD to compete with OLED

Curved and bendable displays are gaining popularity and recently we saw Samsung and LG showcasing their latest OLED displays that can flex and bend. The latest entrant in the bending game is Japan Displays Inc. as the manufacturer has revealed a 5.5-inch flexible LCD screen that can bend just like the OLED displays from Samsung and LG.

The “Full Active Flex” 1080p screen is not as flexible or thin as OLED, but it is said that it can be used in phones with curved display similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge.

So why would a manufacturer use this LCD if OLED is better? Well, in comparison, LCD is a lot cheaper than OLED. This means that once this display goes into full production, we could see a lot more curved display equipped handsets in the future.

LCD displays feature a glass back making them difficult to curve. What Japan Displays has done is,  that it used plastic for both side of the liquid crystal layer. Not only does that allow it to become a flexible screen, it can also help prevent it to crack when met with an impact. Apart from smartphones, the company is hoping that this display will be used in other products, like car displays and laptops.

The company has confirmed to Wall Street Journal that it has started getting orders however it didn’t mention if Apple was one of the customers for the new flexible LCD display.

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