While Google Pixel phones are known for their stunner camera capabilities, they are unfortunately also infamous for being ridden by some serious number of bugs and issues. And this problem is being carried down since the first generation Pixel phones. On multiple user forums and on various social media platform, we have often seen angry Pixel customers venting out about their problems with the Pixel phones. However, Manu Aggarwal from Haryana has found a unique new way to let Google know that they’ve got issues!

First reported by India Today, Aggarwal first bought his Pixel phone in early 2017, and by early 2018, he started facing multiple issues with the device. Following the usual process for redressal, he reached out to Google’s customer service for repair. The service centre accepted the device for fixing, which then went through several rounds of repair, but as Aggarwal wrote in a tweet, it always came back with a new issue, with the old problems still existing.

If you go through the whole thread of Twitter conversation , Aggarwal shows how he had 2 hours long conversations with the customer care representatives of the company, and called this experience ‘mental harassment’. He even tried to tag in Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoping to get a better response, but apparently, none worked in his favour.

Eventually, getting no reactions to his satisfaction, Aggarwal decided to take matters in his own hands.

He started to put up angry banners and posters in Delhi NCR, some of which were spotted by India Today in Connaught Place, New Delhi. The banners read in bold that Google is a “hoodwink”, and that nobody should buy the Pixel, Pixel 2 or Pixel 3 phones. These posters also highlighted that Pixel phones “restart, freeze, and crash constantly”.

To add to that, he also added QR codes of his tweets on the poster, and has also made a YouTube video about this issue.

While the current state of Manu Aggarwal’s redressal is unknown, this incident does highlight the problem with the after-sale services of companies like Google, that charge a massive amount of money for each of their devices, but sadly fail to address its customers on an individual level.

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