Remember the singing donkey from Ireland that went viral earlier this year? He seemed quite an exception with his sweeter-than-a-bray voice, right. Turns out, all this while, India had an even better singing donkey in its fields, waiting to be discovered. Until now.

RESQ Charitable Trust, a non-government organisation, has shared a video of a donkey named Emily, who has startled the internet with her high-note singing. Emily’s video on Facebook and Instagram has become very popular with close to 4,500 views on Facebook.

While watching Emily sing is super interesting itself, the reason why she does it is even more adorable.

Times of India spoke to Tina Mohandas from the NGO’s communications team, who said, “Emily is extremely fond of food, and when she is offered her favourite treats, she tends to serenade in the only way she can, which we believe is her way of saying thank you, and I love you”.

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