Intel launches the limited edition i7-8086K processor to mark the 40-year anniversary of 8086 architecture chipset

ntel has announced a very special limited edition Core i7-8086K processor to celebrate its 40-year anniversary of the very first 8086 processor. The chipset, which has six cores and is similar to the Core i7-8700K, is said to be Intel’s fastest ever.

As per a report by Forbes, since the processor is a K-series, it can overclock as the clock multiplier is unlocked. The report also states that the limited edition i7-8086K SoC will be a speed-binned model which can offer high performance while being overclocked.The i7-8086K can be clocked to a mind-boggling 5 GHz and it has a default clock speed of 4 GHz. This new 8th-generation i7 processor will be released on 8 June, which is the exact date that Intel debuted its highly successful x86 architecture 40 years ago.

report by The Verge, has also stated that the Intel plans to sell only 8086 units of the i7-8086K. The model and price tags are still unknown.

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