Instagram’s Emoji Slider makes it easier for you to express precisely how emotional you feel

Instagram is again making noise about a new feature. This time the new feature is an emoji slider. With this slider, users can express their emotions.

How does one use this feature? Open the camera section of the app and take a picture or a video. Next, tap on sticker option above and paste the slider sticker. On tapping the slider, the user can choose the emoji they want. Responders can also slide the emoji bar to express themselves. The colour of the slider changes as you move towards the right, as does the size of the emoji.

A slider appears with every response to the post.

This can be interesting for users who want to finely tune the degree of emotion that they choose to express.

The update is available to Android and iOS devices. Speaking of Instagram, on 10 May, the photo-sharing app was down for a few hours worldwide, including in India. As usual, Instagrammers went to Twitter to express their concern. People were not able to load their images and in some cases, their feed was not refreshing. According to the DownDetector, the outage was observed in US, UK, Australia and Europe.

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