Instagram celebrated its 10th birthday by releasing several new features that included Stories Map, IGTV Shopping update, and custom app icons. The updates are rolling for both iOS and Android devices currently. Users can now choose their preferable icon for Instagram on their home screen. Different icons of the app are present in yellow, orange, green, purple, white, and black. There’s also a rainbow-colored Pride icon and multiple versions of the classic icon of Instagram. A tipster first spotted these in the development stage on 30 September.

Users can now choose their preferable icon for Instagram on their home screen.

Moreover, the Stories Map feature will keep all your 24-hour stories in one place by their date for you to come and navigate them easily. As tech portal TechCrunch points out, this calendar stores Instagram Stories that a user has shared over the past three years. This, however, means that the stories are not deleted from Instagram or Facebook’s servers just after a day they were posted.

This is not surprising as Instagram lets users segregate and keep their special moments in separate Instagram Story highlights. These highlights are not supposed to go away after one day, and users are reminded of the stories they have shared years back via the stories archive option.

Given the National Bullying Prevention Month, the photo-sharing platform has introduced a hide comment feature that hides those comments similar to others that have already been reported. One can press on the label ‘View Hidden Comments’ to see what are the hidden comments. This test feature is similar to Twitter’s ‘hide replies’ function that was introduced last year. The microblogging site also allowed users to see and engage in hidden replies to any tweet.

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