Turns out, we have come to be as addicted to Instagram at this point, as most of us are to Facebook!

A recent new study in the US shows that users in the country spent as much time on Instagram’s Android app, as much as they spent on Facebook according to Similar Web.

Basically, the study was done in the month of June, and the report points out that Instagram users spent about 53 minutes per day on the Android app of the platform. Which is very close to the average time spent on Facebook in a day, which is 58 minutes.

But what’s really surprising is, that despite continuing criticism of Snapchat, the time spent on the app is still quite respectable. According to the study, an average user in the US, spent close to 49.5 minutes on Snapchat each day.

In fact, back in 2017, Snapchat actually had a slight lead on Instagram when it came to average time spent on apps, but Instagram has since pulled ahead.

Individually, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have all seen growth in average engagement since last year.

The average time spent on these apps are important for these platforms because this time determines the amount of time they are able to retain a viewer on their app.

This consequently links to the money these apps make, because longer a viewer spends on the app, the more likely they are to see more advertisements.

Similar Web, which only includes Android data, collects it through a global panel, ISP data, public data sources and direct measurement data.

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