Instagram has rolled out three new features for its long video streaming feature IGTV: bundle up IGTV videos in a form of series, get notified every time there is a new episode from a creator that you follow, and “continue watching” any series without any interruption.

To get notifications about new episodes from your favourite IGTV creator, all you need to do is click on the IGTV video of that particular creator, tap on “follow” written beside the name of the creator on the top. This is similar to the notification bell icon on YouTube and Twitter. As soon as you do that, the “Turn on IGTV notifications” option will pop-up on the bottom right corner, tap on that and you are good to go.

Additionally, creators can now also organise their videos in a series by using the option “Add to series”, enter a name for the series and a short description. They can even edit the series whenever required by going to the “edit” option in the menu on their IGTV profile and select “Remove from series”.

The third feature is “continue watching”, which will pop up at the top when you are looking at the list of suggested IGTV videos. This option will let you continue watching the next episode of a series instead of playing it manually.

These newly introduced features are going to make a close-knit network between fans and the creators on Instagram.

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