Instagram has added an update for its users, especially the influencers on the photo and video-sharing app. The new update now allows users to go live with four participants. Instagram announced on Monday, 1 March. Previously, users could go live with only one more person in the stream, but now they could ‘double up.’ Mentioning creative content like talk shows, Q&As, jam sessions, Instagram said in its blog post that they hope to double up on the live sessions will open more creative opportunities for users and boost business for creators.

“Live Rooms also gives creators even more ways to build a business and earn money. We recently announced that Live viewers could purchase badges for their favorite creators to show their love. With Live Rooms, viewers can buy badges for the hosts and use other interactive features like Shopping and Live Fundraisers. We’re also exploring more interactive tools such as offering moderator controls and audio features that will be available in the coming months,” Instagram said.

Many Instagram influencers use the feature of live feeds to conduct shared sessions with other content creators. This feature is handy when two influencers want to present their content together and interact with their followers simultaneously. The new update will let up to four users now participate in live sessions together. Speaking about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on live feeds, Instagram said that there were informational talks about the COVID-19 guidelines. Apart from the live feeds, in May 2020, the app had taken an initiative to connect users with the correct information related to the coronavirus pandemic. Stories related to the coronavirus by health organizations were displayed on the top.

To access the feature, users have to swipe left on the app’s homepage and select the option ‘Live Camera.’ The host can then write a title and add other users (a maximum of three). The new feature gives the broadcaster the option to add all guests at once or add a guest later during the live session. The feature of reporting and blocking comments currently available to the host of a live session will also be available to the group’s broadcaster live sessions.

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