People who have been using Instagram for a long time will know the difference between the old and new Instagram is as stark as chalk and cheese. There was a time when your Instagram timeline would show posts from your friends. Also, the app was primarily focused on photos and personal videos. Yup, those were the days!

Ever since Instagram shifted its focus to video content and its new algorithm around sponsored or suggested range, there was a lacuna around an app that would do what Instagram used to do. Naturally, several apps came up to fill the void. The BeReal App was one such app.

The BeReal App reached a whole new level of popularity in recent years. Several former Instagram users have moved on to the new app.

Seeing this, Instagram appears to be working on copying some of the features of BeReal. One of the unique features of BeaReal is that the photo-sharing app prompts users to take and post an image once a day simultaneously with all their friends.

According to a screenshot posted on Twitter by developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is testing a feature that looks almost identical to BeReal.

In the image, Instagram asks users to ‘Join IG Candid Challenges’ and take photos and post something every day at a different time. Users will be notified to capture and share a photo in 2 minutes.

That’s the basic premise of BeReal. An Instagram spokesperson said the tool is an “internal prototype” and is “not being tested externally.”

BeReal, founded in 2020 and headquartered in Paris, has become popular with teenagers thanks to its push to get people to post simultaneously. Snapping images at an unexpected time each day has also led to a less polished experience because users aren’t spending time staging, editing, or perfecting the photos, which has been a frequent criticism of the posts on Instagram.

Meta and Instagram have a history of copying the features of upstart competitors who challenge their position. This includes features like Snapchat’s Stories and TikTok’s short-form videos.

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