A big problem for a lot of the social media influencers is that as soon as they start gaining a lot of followers, fake profiles start popping up. To let your followers know that yours is the original handle a verified blue tick is required. Facebook-owned Instagram, which is fast becoming the biggest social media channel, has made the process of applying for a verified account a lot easier.

As per a report by Beebom, users of Instagram in Australia can apply for account verification from the new ‘Request Verification’ option in the Settings menu. Once Instagram has made a proper assessment of your profile your account will get the verified blue tick. As of now, there is no clarity on when this feature will roll out in other countries.

The user has to submit their username, full name, and photo identification for completing the verification formalities. As of now, the feature looks to be available only on iOS but in due time it is sure to come out on Android as well.

The report states that Instagram will be considering multiple parameters such as popularity, authenticity, uniqueness and profile completeness to have an account verified. Earlier if you had to get a verified Instagram account, you needed to work with a digital agency and have them submit a request for you, or pay a third party to get you verified.

Another way is to reportedly pay up to $15,000 to people in the black market for obtaining the verified blue tick. There have been also reports of Instagram employees being involved in the sale of verified accounts.

Let’s hope Instagram’s latest feature puts a stop to this.

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