It’s been a while since Instagram launched a new sticker for Stories. Last year we saw a bunch of them — emoji slider, Question stickers, Polls — being launched. And now after a long time, Instagram has added a new quiz sticker to the Stories.

As the name of the sticker suggests, the stickers let people quiz their followers with multiple choice questions. You can feed in the correct answer along with three other options, and when the users tap on any of these, the options will turn red and green, with red signifying the wrong answer and green signifying the correct answer.

Currently, you can sort of do this with polls, where you offer two options and let your friends or followers vote between them. But what’s different is, the quiz sticker will let you have multiple options to choose from.

At the time of writing the story, the feature was already available for me on Android. In case you are not seeing it yet, you should get it latest by the end of this week. The feature will be available for both iOS and Android users.

How to use Instagram Quiz Sticker

Using the sticker is pretty simple. Launch Instagram, open Stories (by tapping on the camera icon on the top left of the app), click or add pictures to Stories, and swipe up or tap on the Stickers icon on the top. There, you will now see a new Quiz sticker. Tap on that to add it to your story. Now simply add a question (where it says ‘Guess my favourite’) you want to ask your friends or followers. In the option below, add a correct answer and some incorrect answers to it. You can choose to add three or four options. If you keep it two, it will pretty much just be a poll.

After that, you just publish things as usual. When your friends come across your post, they’ll be able to select their answer from your quiz, and will immediately be able to see if their answer was correct.

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