What was only a matter of time has finally happened – Instagram is going to start injecting ads right into its Explore page soon.

The Facebook-owned company in a blog post formally stated that the company will start placing ads on the Explore section of the app in the coming weeks.

Wondering how you’re going to come across an ad? Well, once users tap on a photo or video on Explore, they will see ads in between posts as they scroll, just like on the regular feed. Instagram clarified that the ads on the Explore page will only show ads only once a user starts scrolling, instead of placing the ads slapdash on the grid-style tiles of the Explore page.

But why have they left the grid untouched by ads for now? We don’t know yet.

For those of aren’t too familiar, the Explore page is a handy place where users can discover new content that’s not displayed on their feed. This page essentially recommends posts that algorithms predict a user would like based on the nature of posts they’ve looked at in the past. The ‘Explore’ tab also categories posts (such as fashion, architecture, and food) given the fact that people have varied interests.

In fact, Instagram through internal research says that more than 50 percent of accounts globally visit the Explore page every month.

Instagram already allows ads in Stories and the regular feed, so bringing them to yet another place would really mean much for regular Instagrammers. But the move certainly drives home the fact that Instagram is an ad-run business that needs to meet brands’ expectations — regardless of whether users like it or not.

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