Indians spend 90 percent of their online time on mobile phones

In 2017, Indians spent nearly 90 percent of their online time on mobile phones which was the highest among 13 countries, where a survey was conducted by comScore.

According to this survey, while Indians spent 89 percent of their time on mobile phones, Indonesia followed at 87 percent, Mexico at 80 percent and Argentina at 77 percent.

According to a Times of India report, the sudden rise in mobile usage can be attributed to a surge in cheaper smartphones and decrease in mobile data prices. The survey, according to this report, said that an Indian spends nearly 3,000 minutes or 50 hours on mobile phones as compared to 11 percent on desktop. There is a clear steering away from being a desktop first country to a mobile first.

In fact, most of the Indians were searching for jobs on their mobile phones. But when it came to searching for health services such as hospitals, that was happening on desktops.

Overall, the online time spent was mostly on multimedia such as video and music streaming services. It accounted for 15 percent. Ten percent of the time was spent on social networking platforms while 13 percent was spent on instant messaging.

Speaking of instant messaging, 98 percent of the time was spent on WhatsApp and Indians contributed to being the largest number of users on this platform. On the contrary, Americans spent only 1 percent of their time on WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, Amazon saw its largest growth in India in 2017. It saw 125 percent growth in India as compared to 2016.

Other than this, WhatsApp, Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, and Google Search were the most used platforms by the people.

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