Hyundai Tucson update to get new fuel-cell

Korean car maker Hyundai is said to be working on an improved fuel cell for its updated version of the Tucson. According to Asian publication Nikkei the new Tucson will come with a 30 percent better range than the current version. If the claims are true then it will make the SUV travel up to 560 km on a full tank. Previously the car could go up to 426 km.

The new version is expected to launch in January 2018 and if the company manages to pull it off, it would make it the highest range fuel cell production vehicle.

Hyundai eco-vehicle development director Ahn Buyng-ki has said the launch of the new Tucson Fuel Cell will clash with the 2018 Winter Olympic Games which are happening in the car-maker’s home town.

The company shouldn’t have any trouble to upgrade the existing Tucson platform with the the new upgraded fuel cell. However there’s also a possibility that the new model will be built around a new dedicated fuel cell platform rather than the existing vehicle.

Hyundai’s recently announced Ioniq, which is offered in hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric options, and the electric variant is currently leading the cumulative number of EVs on the road in Korea.

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