Huawei unveiled the company’s very own wireless charger alongside the launch of its flagship smartphone, the Mate 20 Pro, back in October last year. The Chinese company has now brought the charger to India and has priced it at Rs 3,999.

Available only on the Amazon India website, for the time being, the Huawei Wireless Charger comes equipped with the company’s self-developed Supercharge technology. The device comes with WPC Qi standard authentication and it charges smartphones with integrated Qi functionality, as well as devices equipped with a Qi-receiving battery case.

Capable of a maximum output of 15W, this wireless charger is arguably one of the fastest wireless chargers out there. Qi authentication also ensures that no matter which device you wish to charge, the wireless pad automatically adjusts the output power automatically according to the ambient temperature and real-time battery percentage.

The charger may look simple and uninspiring in terms of design but comes with a few important features. The wireless charger features foreign object detection, which allows it to automatically switch off when it detects keys or metal objects, within a safe temperature to avoid overheating.

Have a cover on your phone? The 15W wireless charger also charges through 5mm or thinner non-metal phone cases directly.

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