Chinese tech company Huawei has launched a new model of headphones, known as the Huawei FreeBuds Studio. The audio gears came with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology and offered in two color variants: Black and Gold. However, no confirmation has come regarding the availability of the product in India. The new headphones offer studio sound, offered at 48 kHz frequency. The company claims that the ANC tech will cover up to 40 decibels, and the FreeBuds Studio will come with 24-hour battery life (with ANC disabled).

There are six mics fitted into the product to make calling accessible and clear. There are smart touch controls that can be used to power on, off, and change the audio volume. Also, the product offers a dual device connection.

According to the dedicated Huawei page for the new headphones, these are going to weigh 260 grams. Although the actual measurements between individual products may vary, the device’s dimensions are 165 mm x 150 mm x 81.5 mm. It is powered with a 410 mAh battery and a USB Type-C connectivity option.

The firm claims that the noise cancellation system can automatically adjust in different environments to provide a dynamic experience. It features an L2HC high-resolution codec, which reduces the loss of sound quality, and the file transfers are carried out at high speeds that reach up to 960 kbps. Huawei credits result from its lab tests to report the figures. Although the background is expertly shunned, there is a hear-through mode that will allow users to listen momentarily to the surroundings and carry out small chats when necessary.

The frequency response range is massive that starts at 4 Hz and extends up to 48 kHz. The product is made using a four-layer polymer diaphragm that provides high sensitivity and authentic sound quality. Finally, the dual device connectivity will let users stay free to pick up calls while inventing in any show via their laptop.

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