WhatsApp recently introduced the much-awaited Disappearing Messages feature for all its users in India. Once you enable this feature, all messages sent by you will be deleted after seven days. This is applicable for both group and individual chats, but only the admin can enable or disable this feature in the case of group chats. Once the message disappears after seven days, its reply messages will still be shown in the chatbox. This feature does not imply forwarded messages. The media files will also be deleted after seven days if the disappearing messages feature is turned on. If you have turned-on the auto-download option, these media files can still be found on your devices.

How to enable the Disappearing Messages to feature on WhatsApp

Step 1: Open the chatbox of the desired contact and tap on the contact’s name.

Step 2: Now scroll down and tap on the ‘Disappearing messages’ option

Step 3: Tap on Continue> On

That’s it! Same way, you can enable this feature in a group by tapping on the group’s name given that you are the admin. You can disable this feature whenever you want by following the same path.

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