Last week, Instagram announced that Messenger Rooms can now be created on the app. This move will allow users to video chat with up to 50 people via Instagram.

How to use Messenger Rooms on Instagram

Step 1: Go to Instagram Direct messages and tap on video call icon on the top right corner

Step 2: Now tap on “Create a Room” and now you can then send the invitations for the room to your friends on Instagram

Step 3: Tap on “Join Room” if you want to join a video call on Messenger Rooms, confirm when prompted if you want to open the room in the Messenger app

Facebook recently announced the Messenger Rooms. The feature was earlier accessible via Facebook and Messenger apps only.

Unveiling Messenger Rooms last month, the social media giant had said that it would bring the feature to Instagram and WhatsApp. In April, it was rolled out to a select number of users. Last week, the company made Messenger Rooms available to everyone.

Users can start the process of creating Messenger Rooms on Instagram, but they will ultimately have to head to Messenger for the video call.

To use Messenger Rooms, only the creator needs a Facebook account, while others can join the video call using a shared link even if they don’t have an FB account.

The feature offers a lot of control to the creator of the room. He gets to decide who all can join the call. The creator of the room can also remove someone from the call or lock the room so no one else can join it.

It is not end-to-end encrypted by default, but Facebook has promised that it will not listen in on video calls and that these calls will be completely private.

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