There are several advantages to becoming an Amazon Prime Member; for starters, you will get early access to Amazon shopping deals and get Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music. Shopping on Amazon will also include free delivery.

This membership’s subscription is Rs 129 for a month and Rs 999 for a yearly subscription plan.

You do have the option of trying this prime membership for free for 30 days and then deciding if you want to pay and stay in it for a longer time.

Well, if you want to become an Amazon Prime member, here are the quick, simple steps that are just what you need.

How to become an Amazon Prime member

Step 1: Open the Amazon Website or download the Amazon app on your android or iOS device

Step 2: On the app, go to the top left menu and tap “Try Prime,” and on the website, select “Try Prime” on the extreme right

Step 3: Choose “Join prime at Rs 129 per month” or “Join prime at Rs 999 per year.”

Step 4: Now you can proceed with the payment process, and it is done

Now you will be a prime member at Amazon and can get enjoy the perks like instant access to original shows and films on Amazon Prime Video, get early access to deals on shopping, several special discounts on shopping, and of course, no delivery charges.

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