Instagram just launched a new video service called the IGTV, bringing long from video content to the platform. Previously users could only share unto 60 seconds.

The new app that comes on both Android and iOS, and is also available on the web, allows users to post videos from 15 seconds to 60 minutes in length. This creates a huge potential for content creators to share longer videos on the platform.

If you’ve installed the IGTV App, you might want to create your own channel, and start creating some videos. Here’s a step by step guide on how you can create an IGTV channel.

Install the IGTV app, of course! It’s available both on Android and iOS, and make sure you’re logged in.

When you’re into the IGTV app, hit the settings gear. This will take you to a menu where you can hit the ‘Create Channel’ option.

What happens next, is that the app will take you through a couple of basics for the videos. Here you learn that you will be able to share longer videos and that IGTV is specifically built for full-screen vertical videos. Just hit ‘Next’ on each tab and ‘Create Channel,’ and that’s all.

Your IGTV channel is now created and will use your default Instagram handle to create it. You can tap on ‘View your channel’ and start uploading videos.

You also have an option to create your channel through the Instagram App. You can do it by going on the home page and tapping on the IGTV icon up top right. This will take you to IGTV and then click the settings gear here as well.  You will be prompted to ‘Create Channel.’

When you choose that option, your channel will be created and you can go ahead and start posting videos on your channel.

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