Pokemon Go-developer Niantic has announced more countries in which the hyped up AR game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has launched and India is one of them. Till only two days ago the game was only announced in North America and European countries. However, the developer announced 25 more countries at 9.30 pm IST which included India.

Wizards Unite is available for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for download. The file is 71 MB in size so it will not be taking up a lot of space on your device unlike games such as PUBG: Mobile or Fortnite. After installing the game you will be asked to put in your date of birth and then you can login via your Facebook or Google account.

Since this happens to be a game where the device will need your location at all times, you will need to give access to location services to the game. After agreeing to the T&C and policy you can enter the game.

To begin you would need to enter your real name which will not be shared with anyone and your in-game username which will be shared with everyone. Also as the game requires access to your camera, you will need to give access to that as well.

In Wizards Unite, users play the role of a new recruit within the Statute of Secrecy Task Force to help solve a mystery. Players can discover artefacts, cast spells and encounter characters from the Potter films and prequel movie series Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the developers said.

“You see all your favourite characters and artefacts, whether it’s the Sorting Hat or Buckbeak or whether it’s Harry himself or Newt Scamander,” said Jonathan Knight, studio head of Warner Bros. Games San Francisco.

There is also a new story that unfolds within the game, Knight said. “There’s a crafting game where you’re collecting potion ingredients and creating potions and using them to be a better wizard,” he said.

Pokemon Go exploded after its introduction in 2016, sending players into city streets, offices, parks and restaurants to search for colourful animated characters.

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