As the commercial goes, think about just anything and “there’s an app for that.” But as smartphone apps crowd the online markets, there are significantly fewer apps specifically designed for women. Back in 2014, Apple launched HealthKit, an app that let people keep a track of their health and fitness levels, everything from sodium levels to body temperature. What the app couldn’t track was – menstruation.

However, the future of apps is looking decidedly more female-friendly. From pedicure-scheduling to confidence-boosting to pill-planning, when it comes to a needs for women, there’s now often an app for whatever it is. Hence, this International Women’s Day, we bring you a bunch of applications that will make your day-to-day lives easier.

1) Period tracker Clue:
ios, android

Clue has been ranked as the top period and ovulation tracking app by the Obstetrics & Gynecology journal. For women who travel a bit fair and generally don’t remember their dates, this app maintains a track of your menstrual cycle. The developers promise to be inclusive of all ages and stay away from the use butterflies, flowers, euphemisms, or pink.

2) Sheroes ios, android

What started as a careers community for women, Sheroes has now evolved into a women-only social network with as many as 65 communities online including arts, travel, writing, bazaar (peer-to-peer selling), family and legal advice, parenting, careers, and health. The app creates a safe place for women to discuss, share and help each other on varied topics.

3) Workout for Women
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Workout for Women offers a mix of cardio and body-weight exercises, with an added benefit of hiding away at home while you puff through the push-ups. The smartphone app keeps you away from lying down and wheezing by sending bossy orders and digital encouragement.

4) Bumble
ios, android

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Pursue that promotion. Enjoy drinks with friends. Stay confident in your choices. Feel beautiful in your skin. Go after what you want. You are equal, not loose. So tell us, how are you equal not loose?

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Regarded as the fastest growing dating app in America, Bumble has now debuted in India with a hard-hitting hashtag #EqualNotLoose, aiming to destabilise stereotypical assumptions about women and men. Bumble was designed as the antidote to all those dating apps where men incessantly hit you up with creepy messages without your consent. Whitney Wolfe and Sarah Mick (who also happen to be Tinder alums), launched this female-forward dating app wherein women have to make first contact, bucking the convention of men make the first move.

5) My Safetipin: ios, android

With a really quirky name, My Safetipin is one of the popular options when it comes to safety apps for women. It also helps women in taking safer decisions, especially when travelling at the night, by informing the safest route to reach her destination on the basis of area’s safety score, and also alerts emergency contacts in case of danger. The app calculates the safety score on visibility, diversity, crowd, public transport, walk path, security, & more, and alerts the user when she enters any unsafe location. It also enables users to pin unsafe areas and help others.

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