GoPro announced its eighth generation action camera in the form of the GoPro Hero 8 Black, early this month. Alongside it, another action camera with the ability to shoot 360-degree video has also been announced for the Indian market, called the GoPro MAX which will be selling in India for Rs 47,000 from 24 October onwards. It will be selling at online retailers such as Amazon India and Paytm as well as offline retailers such as Croma and Reliance Digital.

This is GoPro’s second attempt at a 360-degree camera after the GoPro Fusion which was launched in India in May last year. Just like the GoPro Fusion, the GoPro MAX comes with 180-degree cameras on either side of an almost square-ish body. The images or videos shot using the MAX in the 360 mode get stitched inside the camera. Also, unlike the GoPro Fusion which required two microSD cards, one each to capture footage shot by one camera, the MAX comes with one microSD card. The GoPro MAX can operate in the 360 mode which fires up both the cameras or in the Hero mode, which basically allows you to use it as the Hero 8 Black.

The GoPro MAX comes with a dedicated 1.7-inch touchscreen on the back in a 16:9 aspect ratio. It houses a 16.6 MP camera which captures still images (5,760 x 2,880 pixels). The 360-degree video is only recorded in 5K resolution with 30 fps or 24 fps in the MP4 format. Just like the Hero 8 Black, the MAX also gets the HyperSmooth feature which is GoPro’s proprietary stabilisation mechanism. MAX Timewarp is the stabilised timelapse feature that is another proprietary feature on GoPro Hero cameras.

Just like the Hero 8 Black, the MAX, when used in the Hero mode, can make use of the Narrow, Linear, Wide and Superwide lenses. The GoPro MAX has six microphones: three in the front, two on top and one behind which lets it record 360 Audio. Just above the display, you have the shotgun microphone which can be used for vlogging.

The GoPro MAX is waterproof up to 5 metres underwater and has a rugged rubbery finish which can take its share of beatings.

On the right-hand side, you have the battery compartment which also houses the microSD card slot. Just above the battery compartment, you have the USB Type C charging and data transfer port.

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