Google’s new podcast app comes built into Search and Assistant

Google has rolled out its new app that makes subscribing and listening to podcasts a lot easier. The app is not a standalone one, but comes built into Google Search and even the Google Assistant app for Android users.

According to TNW, the service is all thanks to a podcast production company called Pacific Content that lets Google show podcast info and episode listings right within search results on Android smartphones. This is why, there’s no need for an separate app.

All you need to do to find your podcast, is to open up Google Search or Google Assistant and then type in your the name of the podcast you are looking for.

Depending on what you type in, you will get a search result of the podcast with details about the show all laid out in neat cards. Below them you will also find recent episodes that you can start streaming instantly, by tapping on the play button.

Tap on ‘More episodes’ to check out all the podcasts by the channel. This is where you will also see a ‘Subscribe’ button. The same button can also be used to unsubscribe from the channel.

Up top on the same show page, you will also see podcast icon that takes you to a page with your subscriptions and even shows recommendations of top and trending podcasts that you can try out and subscribe to.

The same page also lets you add a podcast shortcut to your home screen.

As for the podcast player that is also built into Google Search, it comes with basic functionality and gives users the ability to download episodes for offline listening with the option to scrub through the podcast or even pause, forward and rewind.

While listening to podcasts Android seems to play it using the Google Search app, which is how the controls are also available in the notifications bar when the player in minimised just like you would see when you use your music player.

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