Google’s list of Google Play Award Winners apps 2018

With day one of Google I/O 2018 completed, here is a list of the 2018 Google Play Award Winners apps. Generally the company gives the award for the best app during the Google I/O event as it did in 2017. This is the third version of the Google I/O award and the award is given to the apps that had been a good experience to people and have also made a positive impact in the community.

Google has listed out apps in nine different categories and a list of best apps of 2018 including apps from these categories. Simple Habit is one of the apps that has been listed in the best apps category, which comes under the ‘Standout Well-Being App’ category. Simple Habit is a meditation app which can help in reducing stress, improve focus by following instructions given by the app. Google has awarded the app for “empowering people to live the best version of their lives, while demonstrating responsible design and engagement strategies.”

Be My Eyes is an app which helps visually challenged people with everyday tasks another app in the best app list. The app which has been categorised under Best Accessibility Experience makes a live audio-video connection with a volunteer which can help the disabled person by giving instructions while watching the video. Learning app Khan Academy is also one of the apps in the best app list. It provides free video tutorials in subjects including math, science, economics, history, and more. It has been categorised under ‘Best Social Impact’ app. Other apps that are listed under the category includes Forest: Stay Focused and Otsimo Special Education ABA Therapy Autism Game.

Old Man’s Journey, is a game that takes the player through the journey exploring life through an old man’s eyes. It has been categorised under ‘Standout Indies’ category listed by Google. Episode is a game app that helps you live life in simulation, it is categorised under ‘Best Community Building Game’. If you want to know the best apps for AR and VR, Google’s ‘Best AR or VR Experience’ category has listed the apps and BBC’s Earth: Life in VR is on the the list. ASTEROIDS!Brickscape and Figment AR are few of the apps in the ‘Best AR or VR Experience’ category.

The ‘Standout Build for Billions Experience’ category which lists app and games that provide “optimized performance, localization and culturalization for emerging markets”. One of the apps from the category has been listed in the best apps of 2018. Flipkart, Indian online retail stores app from this category is in the best app list, other apps in the category includes Cricbuzz – Live Cricket Scores & News and Moovit: Bus & Train Live Info.

Google’s ‘Standout Startup’ category lists apps from new developers that offer a unique experience while achieving strong organic install growth. Canva, is a free image editing and graphic design tool. The last app in the best app list is Empires & Puzzles game app, which comes under ‘Best Breakthrough Hit’ includes the category of apps with excellent overall design, user experience, engagement and retention with strong organic growth. The Empires & Puzzles game is on the top in the category.

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