Google updates Search, will now prioritize authentic reviews over clickbait

Google has announced that it will update Search in the coming weeks to prioritize authentic reviews over clickbait.

In a blog post announcing the changes, Google said that the new updates are part of an “ongoing effort to reduce low-quality content and make it easier to find content that feels authentic and useful in Search.”

The first change is to the ranking system, which will aim for content created to rank high in search engines. The update will “ensure unoriginally, low-quality content doesn’t rank highly in Search.”

Google said the change dramatically improved results related to online education, arts and entertainment, shopping, and technology-related content during testing.

For example – when you look for information about a new film, the results usually show articles that aggregate reviews from other sites, which isn’t too helpful. Instead, this update will focus on finding something new, “unique, authentic information, so you’re more likely to read something you haven’t seen before.”

The second significant change is the inclusion of product reviews written by experts in the field, and the endeavor is to ensure that Search shows “more helpful, in-depth reviews based on first-hand expertise in search results.”

The search and hardware giant said it will roll out the new updates in the coming weeks and continue its work “to ensure you find the most useful information when researching a purchase on the web.”

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